Drive Fareham’s Pass Rate

A common question we get is about our pass rate for our pupils taking the practical driving test…


Drive Fareham’s 1st time pass rate is

74% *

The national average stands at just 21%

You can see a significant difference in the likelihood of passing if you choose the right instructor, who prepares you as much as possible for the whole test experience.


Drive Fareham's overall pass rate is

79% *

The national average is around 49%

This represents all tests taken whether they be 1st, 2nd or whatever number attempt by a pupil.  At time of writing, all of Drive Fareham's pupils who haven't passed on their 1st attempt go on to pass on their 2nd try.


Pass rates are certainly not the only factor to be considered when choosing the best driving instructor for your particular needs, but our pass rates are a good indication that we are doing something right here at Drive Fareham!


Some recommendations if you are looking at pass rates for any instructor:

  • Are the reviews online as good as the pass rates indicate?  Anyone can state a rate, but can they actually back it up with happy customers?
  • Be wary of 100% or 98% pass rates.  Some instructors quote rates like these when they are quoting the percentage of pupils who pass... eventually.  That rate doesn't take into account whether it was first or 15th time they had to take their test!
  • There are no guaranteed passes.  Anyone who guarantees that you will pass first time isn't giving you the full picture.  Although our rate at Drive Fareham is good, we say to everyone that there is never a guarantee.  Even the best driver could fail their test on any given day.
  • Look for value for money as well as pass rates.  It would be easy to get a high pass rate if you gave a pupil twice as many lessons as they actually need before putting them forward for test; costing them a fortune in the process.  At Drive Fareham, we look for 2 things... do you have the skill to be a safe driver after you pass your test, and are you ready for the test; if the answer to both is yes then we will put you forward to take your test asap.

Feel free to Contact Us to discuss pass rates, value for money lessons or anything else about your path to passing your driving test.

*Stated pass rates based on all tests taken with Drive Fareham from 1st January 2017 to 31st July 2018.

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