Learner Driving Lessons

We understand that learning to drive is a big deal for most people and it's important that you choose the best instructor for you.  Read on to see the benefits of learning to drive with Drive Fareham.

You can read lots more about us, how we do things and the tools we use here, or continue to read below about what we can offer you on your path learning to drive and becoming a safe driver.



We Guarantee Not To Increase Our Prices* for you once you start learning with us.  We don't do introductory offers only to hike the price after a few lessons.  We don't do gimmicks.  Just our standard very competitive lesson price, for all of your training, unless you want to buy bulk packs of lessons in advance when we will offer even better value.

*  subject to fair use policy, namely: you must continue to take a minimum of three, 2 hour lessons per month, and pass your test within 12 months.

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Bulk 10 Hours of Lessons
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Route to Test Success

From choosing your instructor to passing your test and beyond, below give you some insight into your journey with Drive Fareham.


Choosing Your Instructor

Before you choose us, please feel free to drop us an email, text message, Facebook message or good old fashioned telephone call to have a chat about how we work, answer any questions you have and just get a feel as to if you think we're the right instructor for you.  If we don't answer the phone then we are probably on a driving lesson so leave a message and we'll call you back.  We'd rather you speak directly to the instructor that you'll be dealing with rather than a call centre.  It's important you feel comfortable with your instructor throughout your time learning to drive.  Read more About Us or Contact Us to discuss or book.

Your 1st Lesson

On your first lesson we'll arrive a little early to make sure that the admin bits (checking licence, signing terms and conditions etc) don't eat into your lesson time to maximise your value for money.  Then we'll move onto running through all of the controls of the car, finding out what you already know and filling in any gaps.  We get past that as soon as we can and then get you driving!  Where we go, what topics we cover and how far your skills progress will all vary depending on you from there on in.  At the end of the lesson we'll debrief, discussing your progress and agree a plan for our next lesson together.

This first lesson will also give us great insight into what types of teaching you respond best to and we will use that to adapt our plans for you as an individual in future lessons.

On-Going Lessons

Each lesson varies depending on the tasks we're covering and your individual progress.  As an example though:

Briefing- We'll discuss your progress on the last lesson and confirm what the plan is for this lesson.  If it's a new task then we'll discuss the topic, finding out what you already know and filling in any gaps.  We adapt the format of this to each individual pupil depending on how we discover you understand and learn best.


Drive - We spend as much time as possible with you driving, with our support.  How much support and guidance we give depends on the stage you are at, but we aim to guide you where we identify you can improve, but focus on the positives and your progress wherever possible.  We also set our tasks and routes at the appropriate level for the pupil to keep you challenged, but not confront you with anything overwhelming.Driverrecord

We typically have 2 hour lessons as they give you an opportunity to really get into the drive and make significant progress. You'll be surprised how quickly the time flies by!

De-Brief - At the end of each lesson we'll discuss your progress, update your Driver Record training log and agree our plan for the next lesson (including topics to cover in the online Driver Active course if you are using it).  That way you know exactly how you are getting on and what we need to do next.

Taking Your Theory Test

We'll advise that you take this as soon as possible.  Completing this will not only help your practical driving lessons as your understanding of the road rules and regulations will grow, but also ensure that you can focus solely on the practical aspect of getting your full driving licence as soon as possible.

Taking Your Practical Driving Test

driving-test-certificateAs you are progressing with your driving skills, we will be keeping an eye on the driving test waiting times.  We will discuss and advise on when to book your test ahead of time based on your progress curve.  Once booked, we can always amend the date if we need to if you don't feel ready by that stage.

On the day of the test we will go out and you have a warm up drive.  By this stage we will be confident in your ability to drive, but you will no doubt be nervous (which is completely normal!).  You'll take you test and we can either sit in the back of the car, or stay in the test centre, whichever you prefer.  Once you finish and get your result, we'll take you home hopefully for you to celebrate!

If you don't pass for any reason then we'll assess the dash-cam footage (if we sit in the back for the test we can see first hand), and agree a plan to correct any issues and retake your test.  At this stage, it's often just nerves that interfere with you as we'll have already assessed that you have the skills to be test ready.

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After You Pass

We offer the Pass Plus course and more advanced driving options to help you improve your driving further after you pass your test.  More Information is available here.

Rescue Lessons

Failed Your Test? 

Not progressing with your current instructor? 

Taken lessons in the past and want to pick them up again?

Maybe it's time to switch and try a different approach.  We will analyse and assess your driving, including highlighting any areas causing problems. Then we will narrow those problems down to the root cause and then out how we can help you to resolve the underlying issue.  This will go hand in hand with preparing you to be ready to pass your test!

Contact Us to discuss your particular situation and how we can help.