Experienced & Mature Drivers

We offer services for older experienced drivers to help them stay safe and feel confident on the roads.  More information is below...


Mature Driver Assessment

maturedriverWhatever your age, if you are an experienced driver your style of driving evolves and changes over the years.  Sometimes this can lead to habits that can impact your safety behind the wheel, without you even realising it.

As we get older, we all change and factors like our reactions, hearing and eyesight can all be affected.  Any changes aren't necessarily a problem, but it can be prudent to ensure your style of driving is appropriate for you as an individual.

We can assess your driving style and see if there are any aspects that you could tweak to ensure that you stay safe whilst driving.  We do this using the latest techniques with a focus on ensuring that you are safe and not get hung up on the details (for example it's not important if your hands are at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel as long as you are safely controlling the wheel).

We'll go out for a drive in your car across a variety of road types, but focusing on the kinds of roads you use most in your normal driving.  We'll initially just watch whilst you drive normally.  Then we'll stop and have a chat, discussing anything that we identify might affect your safety and how you can tweak anything to improve.  Then we can practice any changes with us there to talk your through and support you.  If we need further sessions we can arrange these, however as an experienced driver it's usually possible for you to make any tweaks within a single session.  One we've finished we'll have a de-brief session and then we will write up and send you a report detailing our thoughts and any recommendations. 

In short the process is:

  1. 90 minute driving session
    1. Assessment time
    2. Discussion part way through
    3. Implementing any tweaks as required in 2nd half of drive.
  2. De-brief discussion
  3. Written report with findings and any suggestions
Mature Driver Asessment
per assessment (including written report)


Experienced Driver Refresher Sessions

Perhaps you've not driven for a while, or have been living and driving abroad and want to refresh your skills on UK roads.

Whether it's in you own car or you'd like to use our car, we can go for a drive and give you the support, assistance and confidence to drive progressively and safely.

Similarly if you have just bought a new car and want some guidance the first time you drive it, we can accompany you to guide you and help you stay safe as you get used to it.

Experienced Driver Refresher
£38 / £50
Mon-Fri 9-5 / Evening & Weekend per hour