Your Instructor & Our Approach

Here you can find out more about us, who we are and how we approach things so you can gauge if our values appeal to you.  We'll always be happy to talk to you as well if you want to Contact Us to find out more.


Who We Are

meMy name is David Prodger.  I am a fully qualified DVSA accredited Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).DVSA-Approved-Driving-Instructor_70high

I have over 15 years experience training people and bringing their skills to the fore to get the best out of them. I am comfortable dealing with pretty much all personalities and types of people.  When instructing in the car, I like to have a laugh where possible, whilst keeping the focus on developing the pupil's driving skill.

I hold the RoSPA Gold which is described as "the highest civilian driving standard available and the holder will be a master of his or her art", as well as the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Advanced Driver qualification, so you know that your instructor can practice what he preaches.

I have always had a passion for driving and for cars and have owned a host of different types of cars including front, rear and 4 wheel drive cars as well as motorbikes.  I now use this interest to teach others how to drive safely and effectively for the benefit of all of us as road users. I am trained in the latest client centred training techniques and always like to keep progressing as a driving instructor, enhancing my driving and instructional skills.

Outside of work I like to spend as much time with my family as I can and playing football.


Our Approach


It's All About You!

about_youThe key to getting the best from you isn't about us, it's about you! Everyone is different and everyone responds differently to different ways of learning. We want to learn and understand what makes you tick, and how you as an individual will learn best. For example some people respond better to diagrams, others demonstrations and others just listening, or combinations of those. As we learn about you, we adapt our teaching approach to what works best for you, helping you to learn as quickly as possible, build your confidence and get you to a good standard of driving sooner.

That approach isn't a static one either, we'll keep evaluating how you are progressing and responding and continually adapt, changing our approach as you change to ensure we keep getting the best from you and you're getting the best value from us.



We're a team, you and I! It's very important to us that we work with you closely, driving (literally and metaphorically) towards the same goals; for you to pass your driving test and become a great driver for many years to come. We only succeed if you do as our business will grow through a continuing good reputation.  We're in it together!


Tools & Techniques

We use combinations of tools to assist you in your driving development and us in our training.

about_VAKVisual -

  • Diagrams
  • Scale Model demonstrations
  • Online explanations & Videos
  • Written Progress Tracking Logs
  • Dashcam footage review

Auditory -

  • Walk-Through Explanations beforehand
  • Verbal guidance throughout
  • Briefings and De-Briefings
  • Lesson Plans explained.

Kinesthetic -

  • Step-by-Step driving - we let you focus and try an aspect of driving whilst we control the others aspects of the car (introducing hands-on elements one at a time)
  • Hands on practice (with guidance and control from us when required and appropriate).



about_PositivityPeople make mistakes, especially when they are learning something new like driving. We understand and expect that, so it's important that you learn to understand that making those mistakes is perfectly normal and not a problem! The key is helping you understand where and why the mistakes happen and help you improve and develop to become a safe driver.

If you make a mistake, relax, we won't be shouting and screaming. We'll stay calm, take control if we need to, help you take a deep breath and move forwards! Getting stressed out won't help you build your confidence and move forwards.


Short Time to Test, Long Term Skills

By using the combination of a positive approach, adapting to how you learn best and having the training tools to accompany this, we are optimally placed to get you ready for your test as soon as is possible. We don't just teach you to pass your test though, the lessons will be structured to teach you all of the skills needed for your test in a range of situations and environments to allow you to apply those skills to being a safe driving into the future, long after we're sitting next to you.



adi logoYour instructor is FULLY qualified as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), as accredited by the DVSA.  There are many schools out there who will place you with a a trainee instructor (PDI) who may not have had much training in teaching, nor have they passed any teaching element of their exam.  Driving schools do this as it's a cheap way to expand their business, but our focus is on quality so all of your instruction is from a fully qualified instructor.



We will only succeed as a business if we keep a good reputation.  More business comes to any driving school by recommendations than any other route, so if we help you, you'll recommend us to your friends and family and help us.  We work together, we all can succeed.



We are not arrogant or naïve enough to believe that what we do now will always be the best. Things change... Techniques move on... Technology advances... Rules change. We like to regularly take a step back and assess where we are at and how we can evolve to be better. Getting feedback from our pupils is a key element in this assessment and we're always looking for ideas to improve.


If there is any aspect about us that you'd like to discuss further, or if you'd like to book a lesson, please Contact Us. We'll be happy to hear from you and to help.