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5 star review  After being played about with one driving instructor I'm glad I wasn't to descuraged and found possibly one of the best ones out there, genuine guy who's down to earth and knows what he's doing and what he's talking about, installs a lot of confidence and helped me pass my test first time!

thumb Bradley Roppolo

5 star review  David was so good in helping me increase my confidence in driving! After failure with a different instructor, I managed a 0 fault pass thanks to Davids help! Would highly recommend.

thumb Elly Mills

5 star review  Great driving instructor!! Chilled, relaxed approach to teaching students and you can learn at your own pace. So happy to have passed after only 7 months of learning!

thumb Shannon Leech

5 star review  Dave is a wonderful instructor, he always made me feel at ease and let me learn at my own pace whilst encouraging me to progress. His lessons were structured, targeted and fun for a very reasonable price. If I didn't leave the area he'd still be my instructor!

thumb Funbi Adebekun

5 star review  David is a great instructor, he made me feel so comfortable and never got stressed like my old instructor did. He was always patient and we also had a laugh... 100% recommend and the swift is a great car to learn in... not too big or hard to control.

thumb Jacky Sykes

5 star review  David gave fantastic guidance and was always calm and patient, making driving lessons enjoyable yet progressive. I passed first time and couldn't have asked for a better instructor. I would definitely recommend!

thumb Sophie Kemp

5 star review  I don't know how it happened really; over months I just became more natural at driving than I thought was possible. As David has been very patient and effective in correcting bad habits I picked up from previous driving schools, it is no wonder that I can drive at ease in such a spontaneous and pass-ready standard that eventually got me the pass I required to go forth. I have been driving with David longer than with other instructors which without a doubt has been an honour and a credit. I am immensely proud to have been under his tutorage and I appreciate all the hours spent in learning with him.

thumb Damien Lloyd

5 star review  David is an absolutely fantastic instructor! I passed first time with a perfect score, and most of that is down to the huge amount of confidence that I gained in my driving ability, whilst learning with David. Each lesson is so relaxed, yet very constructive. You learn at your own pace with no pressure! Just a great experience overall and would fully recommend!

thumb Stuart Smith

5 star review  Since the 1st lesson david has been amazing, professional and understanding that im pregnant! Ive always felt comfortable and safe in the car. I would highly recommend him as an instructor, i have passed 1st time and have to say a huge thank you to david for that as i couldn't have done it without him. Xx

thumb Amy Leach

5 star review  I have had a great experience learning to drive with Drive Fareham, I couldn’t fault it one bit. I absolutely loved driving the Suzuki Swift even when I was making mistakes in my lessons, the car was very forgiving as was the instructor David. David is a great instructor very patient and friendly. I strongly recommend Drive Fareham to anyone who wants to start learning to drive! THANK YOU DRIVE FAREHAM!!!! �

thumb Daryl Stephen Edwards