Driver Active Online Course

We give all of our regular pupils FREE access to the Driver Active online course to accompany and enhance your practical driving lessons.

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What is Driver Active?

Driver Active is an online course to study at home and accompany your practical in-car driving lessons.  It contain full step-by-step walkthroughs with diagrams, photographs and videos on all aspects of practical driving covering:

Basic Skills

Road Skills

Other Places

The Driving Test

After You Pass

It also has information on your theory test, driving tips and other useful information to help you on your way as a driver.


What are the Benefits?

Using Driver Active as a supplement to your lessons allows you to learn the mechanics, methods and requirements of all aspects of driving, so that you can spend less time talking and more time actually driving during your lessons. This gives the benefits of:

More Time Driving on your lessons

Better Value For Money lessons

Quicker Time to Test

Cement your Knowledge

It's entirely optional for all of our pupils if they want to use it or keep the traditional method of us explaining everything from scratch in the car, but we would recommend using it as an additional tool to help you pass your test.


Why do we offer this for Free?

We believe that using the Driver Active tool alongside our in-car tuition will speed up the time it takes you to be ready for your driving test. In turn this means saving you money and giving you value for money combined with your success will lead to you recommended us to your friends and family, increasing our business and continually building our good reputation.

Some driving schools offer access to theory test applications. These can be great, but we believe that the help to accompany your practical driving test that we offer via the Driver Active course gives you maximum benefit and value. There are of course lots of theory test applications available online and we'll be happy to discuss and recommend what we feel will give you the most help on your theory as well.

Please Contact Us to book your lessons and we'll set you up with access to Driver Active too.

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